Fire alarm and gas detection systems are essential to life safety. Our staff has decades of combined experience to provide you with a start to finish job including planning and installation. We source our parts from many manufacturers and suppliers  to ensure the best fit and price. 

DACSIS can assist you with yearly inspections and recharging of your hand portable fire extinguishers when needed. We provide sales and service for most brands including Badger, Amerex, Fire Boy and Ansul.

Fire suppression systems are designed with different industries needs in mind. Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems sold by DACSIS include High Pressure CO2 Systems, Clean Agent Systems, Inert Gas Systems, Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems, and Industrial Fixed Dry Chemical Systems.

From school campus paging and intercom systems to industrial Page/Party and PA/GA Systems, DACSIS can provide a facility wide solution for your project's communication needs.  Contact us today with the details of your project and we will work with you to determine the solution best suited for your requirements.


One of our main goals is to ensure that your equipment systems are properly integrated. What is system integration? Integration refers to combining multiple assemblies such as gas detection, fire suppression and fire alarm into one cohesive system.  What are the benefits of system integration? "Bringing It All Together", or system integration, can prevent the need for individual systems, reducing space, weight, materials and cost. 


1.       Request for Quote

2.       Quote Provided

3.       Acceptance/PO

4.       Developing/drafting   Drawings

5.       Drawing approvals

1.       Ordering Parts 

2.       In shop assembly &   bench testing

3.       Delivery and   installation

4.       Pre-commission test 

5.       Commissioning     test/walkthrough

We work hard to provide service in a cost and time efficient manner. Once the quoted price is approved, our team can begin to plan and construct a system that fits your needs. This begins with drafting and development. When the drawings are approved, we can begin ordering parts. Once all the parts arrive for your project, building begins. The equipment is then tested before delivery or installation. The final steps include a walkthrough and commissioning test to ensure your system meets all local guidelines. 

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