At DACSIS, we understand the importance of maintaining your safety systems. We provide annual inspections, repairs and maintenance as well as part sales for all of your fire alarm system needs.

To make certain your facility is it's safest, we offer repairs and maintenance on fire extinguishers including annual inspections, general repairs to existing fire extinguishers, refilling depleted fire extinguishers and ordering new extinguishers and mounts. 

Ensuring that your gas detection system is functioning properly is critical for proper life and fire safety. DASCIS offers annual inspections, general trouble shooting and parts sales to ensure your gas detection system is safe and up-to-date.

Fire Suppression is an integral piece of your life safety systems. We provide general repairs, maintenance and annual inspections for a variety of Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems.

Part Sales

DACSIS offers parts sales through many different manufacturers and distributers. This allows the company to offer cost effective and quality solutions when a replacement is needed. 

Follow on Maintenance

Our work does not stop when we leave the site after installation. We offer follow on maintenance to all of our customers to ensure your equipment is working and up to date. 

Annual Inspections

We offer inspections on most brands. Even if we did not install your system or provide your equipment, we hope to help you with future projects and the repairs and maintenance on your current projects.

24 Hour Service

To better assist our existing customers, a tech remains on call during weekend hours to help with emergent situations that may arise outside of normal business hours.

Your Safety Is Important to Us

If you would like to schedule maintenance for your fire safety systems and/or equipment, we would love to hear from you.