Barry Hohensee

Chief Executive Officer

Barry opened DACSIS in 2005 with the help of his wife, Laurie. Presently, he oversees the company's overall operations and manages DACSIS projects. Barry currently holds NICET III certifications for Fire Alarm and Special Hazard Systems.

Laurie Hohensee

Cheif Financial Officer

As one of the founding members, Laurie has been with the company since 2005. Currently, she handles the businesses finances and accounting. Her roles includes payroll, billing, payments and more.

Silas Pellegrin

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Silas has been a partner since 2009. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of DACSIS staff and technicians. Silas is also fire extinguisher certified, holding the qualifier for all other certified staff members.

Pamela Pellegrin

Chief Human Res. Officer (CHRO)

In 2009, Pam joined as a partner and head of the human resources department. Currently, she is involved in training regulatory and compliance, recruitment, administration, onboarding and more.


Bobby Hohensee

Office Manager/Drafting

Bobby began working at DACSIS in 2008 as a draftsman and has since moved to managing the drafting department.  He currently holds NICET I certification for fire alarm.

Paige Pellegrin Skyes

Administrative Assistant

Since 2013, Paige has provided the office with support. Her roles have included shipping and receiving, customer interface, inventory and more. Paige is fire extinguisher certified.

Kelly Magers

Project Manager/Estimator

Kelly has worked at DACSIS as a projects manager since 2019. His roles include scheduling inspections and services, customer interface, providing quotes and more. He currently holds NICET II certification for Fire alarm and NICET I certification for Special Hazards. 

John Toepher

Drafting/CAD Operator

John has worked at DACSIS creating 2D AutoCAD drafts since 2017. His time is spent creating plans to fit each customers needs. He currently holds NICET I certification for Fire alarm


Brian LeDoux

Project Manager

Brian has been working at DACSIS since 2014, performing sales of Fire Alarm/Suppression systems as well as providing service and maintenance in industrial applications in Texas and Louisiana. 

Chris McMullen

Field Tech

Beginning in 2018, Chris has been working as a tech for DACSIS. His certifications allow him to conduct service repairs and installation in the state of Louisiana and Texas for DACSIS customers.

Roddy Forestier

Field Tech

Since 2012, Roddy has been an essential part of the team. Roddy is certified to install Fire Alarm systems in both Louisiana and Texas. He is also certified in fire extinguishers in Louisiana.

Bill Warrington

Field Tech

Bill has been a service tech with DACSIS since 2016. He is currently ceritfied to perform installation and repairs on several systems including Fire Alarm, Suppression, Clean Agents and Fire Extinguishers.

DACSIS Through the Years

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